The Harmful Effects Of Skin Bleaching - Gidilag Content Manager Speaks

Some people see skin bleaching as an avenue to become fairer and supposedly beautiful, these are certain harmful effects of skin bleaching While it might be an avenue to become fairer and supposedly beautiful


Studies have shown that some of the contents of most bleaching creams in Nigeria, hydroquinone can cause cancer which is deadly.

-  Liver damage

Skin bleaching creams are very harmful to the liver as studies have shown that hydroquinone is toxic to the liver and has the ability to cause some life threatening liver disease.

-  Vulnerability to skin infection

The use of skin bleaching products especially steroids can cause intense skin irritation, breaking of the skin, leaving a user vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infections.

-  Vulnerability to injury

Due to the skin stretching and thinning caused by the use of these products, healing of injuries in users are prolonged and impaired. This Skin thinning also leads to vein exposure and difficulty to perform clinical suture during injuries or surgery.

-  Birth defects

Many expectant mothers who are users of these skin bleaching products are at risk of having children with health defects at birth. Studies show that users of skin bleaching products that contain mercury during pregnancy gave birth to children with poorly developed brains (encephalopathy).

Well there you have it, now that you know better, fix up.


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