ALBUM: Sola Allyson – IRI (Mp3 Download)

God alone receives all the glory, Here’s another album by Sola Allyson titled “IRI” this song was written 17 years ago and i recorded it bless you as it HAS been blessing me.

Full track list. (8 tracks)

  1. Mimo - DOWNLOAD
  2. Mo ki o - DOWNLOAD
  3. Ayo de - DOWNLOAD
  4. Kari - DOWNLOAD 
  5. Iri - DOWNLOAD 
  6. #child - DOWNLOAD 
  7. Ajitannawo - DOWNLOAD 
  8. Tani - DOWNLOAD

She took to her instagram page to announce the album and as well give reasons why she is putting it out, read below;

i released my ÌMÚSE Album for free in June 2018, I felt foolish.I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. It was even opined in some quarters that something was wrong with me, that maybe it was depression, But I heard CLEARLY. I KNOW that Voice. It led me here. It showed and still shows me my soul’s path. I’ve been relying on It since my beginning. I could recognise It early in life because It was/is the only guide I had/have.

So I KNOW It. So my feelings didn’t matter. I did it, even though I asked a lot of whys. I didn’t even think along the line of maybe GOD Wanted to bless me was why. I didn’t feel entitled. I didn’t enlarge my prayer points. I just did it. I just wanted to do what I was told to do. Because I TRUST that Voice, It Knows all things! Marketers even thought I was mad! Well, before the end of that year, I got gifts that amazed me. People gifts, material gifts. I felt GOD Hug and Pat me on the back.

I felt HIS Hands on my head the more. The testimonies have not stopped! Oh, I have testimonies! It is getting more.

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