Gidilag CEO, Explains The Myths About Waist Beads

From earrings to bangles to anklets and other jewelries, there are different myths that pop up, Mr Shola Alebiosu found out certain myths about the waist beads also known as ileke idi which you would like to know

- The beads are laced with charms and worn by women to prevent unwanted pregnancy which is a big lie, if you do, you know the consequences of your actions

- The myth that waist beads are used to tell whether a woman is a virgin or not. The way the waist bead moves when she walks determines if she is reserved or not, which is another lie, there is plenty non virgin girls out there with waist beads

- The myth that waist beads are the best cure for convulsions in children which is another lie, get proper medical attention for every child

- The myth that the clattering of the beads will magically make a man lose erection immediately, we don’t know about you but in recent times, the beads seem to even do the opposite

- The myth that by wearing these waist beads fat will not go to the belly; instead fat will go to other body parts like the hips, butt, and legs, just so you know, waist beads do not have the ability to allocate weight to any part of the body

•    Pros of waist beads
While some just see and use it as a fashion statement, other people use it for other reasons, here are some of the pros that come with the usage of waist beads

- Ability to track weight loss 

- The beads work as trackers for your waist and hips area, and it keeps track of what area of your body has gained weight or, where it has lost some weight.

- Sexual attraction

- The beads make an attractive ornament for the body, and some men seem to love the sight as it is used to show love and desire between partners. 

- Celebration of heritage

The African women are boastful of their heritage and background, and they are not afraid to wear beads to express their respect and tribute for their culture. 

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