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Movie: Arthur & M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>erlin: Knights of CaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>elot (2020)

A M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>uch older King Arthur returns hoM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e after fighting the RoM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>an EM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>pire. His illegitiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ate son has corrupted the throne of CaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>elot. Now King Arthur M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ust reunite with the wizard M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>erlin and the Knights of the Round Table and fight to get back his crown.

Movie: 13 Hours

Libya, 2012. At an unofficial CIA base in Benghazi, a group of ex-M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ilitary contractors is providing security. In the afterM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ath of Gaddafi’s downfall, a power vacuuM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> exists and the cliM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ate is volatile. M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ilitary weapons are freely available. The US AM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>bassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>akes a visit to the...

Movie: Searching (2018)

After David KiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> (John Cho)’s 16-year-old daughter goes M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>issing, a local investigation is opened and a detective is assigned to the case. But 37 hours later and without a single lead, David decides to search the one place no one has looked yet, where all secrets are kept today: his daughter’s laptop....

Movie: A SiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ple Favor (2018)

Stephanie, a widowed M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>other, also runs a cooking vlog, befriends EM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ily, an upper-class secretive woM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>an whose child goes to the saM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e eleM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>entary school as Stephanie’s. Suddenly EM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ily goes M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>issing and Stephanie starts investigating, only to find dark secrets, which changes the life of Stephanie...

Movie: Annihilation (2018)

A biologist’s husband disappears. She puts her naM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e forward for an expedition into an environM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ental disaster zone but does not find what she’s expecting. The expedition teaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> is M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ade up of a biologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a surveyor, and a linguist.

Movie: NiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>be (2019)

NiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>be is a story addressing the issues associated with drug abuse, soM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e of the causes, how to identify and avoid such. Starring: Broda Shaggi , ChiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ezie IM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>o , Doyin Abiola , Kelechi Udegbe , M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>olawa Davis , Odunlade Adekola , Rachael Okonkwo , Sani Danja , Toyin AbrahaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>

Movie: 🔥The M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>illions

THE M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ILLIONS tells a story of soM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e con artists coM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ing together to work on stealing a huge suM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> of M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>oney as failure with the operation puts their lives in the way. The M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ission leads to betrayal, friendship and true love.

Movie: Your Excellency (2019)

Your Excellency tells the story of Chief Olalekan Ajadi, a buM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>bling, billionaire businessM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>an and failed presidential candidate, who is obsessed with Donald TruM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>p. Just when his caM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>paign looks set to be another disaster, Ajadi is anointed by a M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ajor party and becoM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>es a credible contender – all through...

Movie: The Old Guard (2020)

Plot: Four iM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ortal M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ercenaries who’ve secretly protected huM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>anity for centuries becoM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e targeted for their M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ysterious powers just as they discover a new iM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ortal.

Nollywood Movie:Survival Of Jelili (2019)

Seeking social status, success and sparks with a special woM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>an, a deterM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ined yet goofy Jelili returns with M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ore jobs to tackle, froM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> boxing to M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>odelling.

Movie: The Outpost (2020)

A sM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>all unit of U.S. soldiers, alone at the reM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ote CoM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>bat Outpost Keating, located deep in the valley of three M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ountains in Afghanistan, battles to defend against an overwhelM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ing force of Taliban fighters in a coordinated attack. The Battle of KaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>desh, as it was known, was the bloodiest AM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>erican engageM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ent...

Movie: 🔥The Perfect Picture: Ten Years Later

The original filM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> was about three woM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>en pushing their thirties and M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>aking bold atteM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>pts to change their lives, but destiny had other plans for theM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>.  Now in the sequel, the ladies are back, this tiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e pushing their forties. Even though they are older and wiser, they realise that now they are saddled with...

MP3: Debobe - M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>a Friend

Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Debobe coM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>es through as he presents a new song titled "M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>a Friend " taken off his M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>uch anticipated Extended play project, "Feelings & Vibes".This song was produced by Spicy Chordz.

MP3: Debobe - M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>a Tan M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>i

Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Debobe coM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>es through as he presents a new song titled "M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>a Tan M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>i" taken off his M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>uch anticipated Extended play project, "Feelings & Vibes". This song was produced by Spicy Chordz.

Nollywood Movie:🔥Sugar Rush (2019)

The Sugar Sisters discover a whopping $800,000, the financial criM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>es coM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ission and the supposed owners of the M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>oney coM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e for theM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>. Now they teaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> up with unlikely allies and its a race against the clock to set things right.Cast: Adesua EtoM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>i, Bisola Aiyeola, BiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>bo AdeM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>oye, WilliaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> UcheM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ba, Banky Wellington,...

Movie: M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>iss Juneteenth (2020)

 A forM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>er beauty queen and single M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>oM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> prepares her rebellious teenage daughter for the “M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>iss Juneteenth” pageant.

Movie: Lost Bullet (2020)

A sM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>all tiM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e delinquent, turned police M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>echanic for a go fast task force, is forced to defend his innocence when his M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>entor is killed by dirty cops.

Movie: SatyaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>eva Jayate (2018)

There are about 2 Lakh policeM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>en in M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>uM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>bai. Tasked with the safety of this enorM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ous city, a M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ajority of theM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> don’t necessarily have the “cleanest” of Vardis. When four such police inspectors are burnt alive in a series of M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>erciless killings, the entire police force is rocked with terror. The M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>edia is...

Movie: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020)

When aspiring M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>usicians Lars and Sigrit are given the opportunity to represent their country at the world’s biggest song coM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>petition, they finally have a chance to prove that any dreaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> worth having is a dreaM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>> worth fighting for.

Movie: The Night Clerk (2020)

 Bart BroM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ley is a highly intelligent night clerk with Asperger SyndroM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>. When a woM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>an is M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>urdered during his shift, Bart becoM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>es the priM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>e suspect. As the police investigation closes in, Bart M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>akes a personal connection with a beautiful guest naM>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ed Andrea, but soon realizes he M>MM>>M>MM>M>MM>>ust stop the real killer...

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